The modern office furniture and the difference between the traditional office furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-24

the development of modern office furniture is the result of productivity development and economic development and reflect, it is just what are the differences between and traditional office furniture? First of all, the modern office furniture into the modern aesthetic, human body engineering principle, the use of material is rich and colorful, also has the rich life breath. While the traditional office furniture otherwise, bit single square on modelling, the material is basic it is log is given priority to, the breath of life is also very weak, colour collocation also is single.

modern office and traditional meeting room is

traditional modern office sofa and office sofa is

compared to traditional office furniture modern office furniture, which is more conducive to environmental protection? As modern people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, ordering office furniture of environmental protection consciousness is also more and more strong. So, traditional modern office furniture and office furniture, which is more conducive to environmental protection?

in fact, traditional modern office furniture and office furniture are just different in style, it looks little difference on the surface, but we carefully compared the use of traditional and modern office furniture material, manufacturing process and the technology is easy to found that most of the traditional office furniture made of logs to lumber utilization rate is very low, the wood waste is very big also. And modern office furniture, on the other hand, modern office furniture wood relative weight is very low, less utilization of wood is very big, such as the modern artificial density board, can let the lumber utilization rate of 99%, basically modern furniture with metal, PVC, glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, but also to the recycling of waste materials and reduce the felling of trees, is conducive to environmental protection. And modern office furniture of wood of dependence is relatively low, the use of wood, also reduces the because the timber logging caused damage to the environment. So, the modern office furniture is more environmentally friendly than traditional office furniture.

compared to traditional office furniture modern office furniture, which is more beneficial to human body health? Because the traditional office furniture basically is to use wood manufacturing, so on the whole, is a traditional office furniture more beneficial to the health of human body. And because of the modern office furniture to use MFC and other materials, as long as the manufacturing process and technology has reached the quality standard, is harmless to the human body. So which style of furniture is more beneficial to the human body does not exist, just log of office furniture is more friendly to human body health. Modern office furniture and office furniture, traditional order which good? Modern style office furniture is in line with the modern's aesthetic idea, modelling design more fashion and contracted, and the experience is very comfortable and very helpful for improving office work efficiency, moreover, the modern office furniture than traditional office furniture price is also higher. So, the order of modern office furniture is the best choice for modern people.

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