The modern interior design and decoration

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-24

the modern interior design is a very important comprehensive discipline, a good modern interior designers to understand what is more, such as to understand the combination of colours, style is tie-in, feng shui I ching, environmental art, etc. , so a good modern interior designers charge will be higher, so if your budget is not enough under the condition of modern can choose to do his home interior designer.

the modern interior design should pay attention to: space element, needs, colour collocation, lighting requirements, landscaping elements, etc.

walking like a modern style in the fashion front, rationalization of space is especially important, space collocation gives people the feeling is the basic task of the design is decorated with the United States. Need to be particular about is the overall atmosphere and collocation, collocation of indoor wants to coordinate, furniture accessories in the room can have the effect of foil, strengthen interior mental function.

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