The modern family has the characteristic which American contracted

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-10

with the widespread of the network age, all sorts of foreign culture has a great influence on people, the American style of decoration is more and more get the favour of the market, the American modern furniture has spawned a variety of different styles. And the combination of modern, simple and traditional American household contracted American style, which is one of the very popular.

modern American big bed if Chinese style style is grave composed contracted style, Japanese serene quiet, european-style luxury grandiose, contemporary and contracted American, then, is the stable nature. Simple American modern furniture with natural hard and licentious. Single timber and a little rough lines, the collision of modern and classical, as colonial americans, freedom, independence and courage.

simple beautiful type sofa

traditional American furniture with black walnut and ash, peach wood, maple wood production, such as natural and comfortable. Ash is one of the main material of American modern furniture, furniture made of whole stability is good is not easy to deformation, and strong corrosion resistance. Ash as raw material of contracted American brand furniture chose waterborne wood coatings on the surface, retained the ash smooth and rough texture, also keep the wood natural aesthetic feeling. In addition, safe non-toxic, no pollution of water-based paint also conforms to the American life concept of environmental protection, let each customer contemporary household life experience more at ease, comfortable.

contemporary and contracted recreational chair

as the change of The Times, casual and comfortable American furniture more and more and corresponds to the modern to pursue freedom and romantic soul, American contracted modern furniture also gradually become a trend in high-end home market. Natural, practical, simple American home outfit, perhaps is reflected in the fast pace of urban life, modern people in the pursuit of the American life of leisure and comfort.

the above content is the small make up to share with you about the characteristics of contemporary and contracted American style furniture, hope to help American furniture of choose and buy friends, here to remind each consumer, there are a lot of modern furniture style and brand, or when the choose and buy should pay attention to, don't be too casual.

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