The masters of the world in the 20th century modern furniture - As chair of the oval

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-06

gave birth to a lot of famous designers in the world in the 20th century, the designer of the design work is not only influenced the design of design concept, and influence the world people aesthetic and attitudes, then what are the masters of the world in the 20th century modern furniture?

Barcelona chair Barcelona chair is by Ludwig. Mies van; Johndroe design, he is one of the most prominent designers in the 20th century, he made an outstanding contribution in the field of modern furniture, in particular, he put forward the design concept of less is more, the Barcelona chair was regarded as one of the most classic 20th century chair, Barcelona chair for Barcelona in 1929 world expo design classics, this work also as a gift to the king of Spain, will pop up to now, stainless steel and Barcelona chair computer soft leather and perfect unifies in together, let a space filled with the time feeling. Oval chair oval chair is the father of the Scandinavian modernism, Denmark functionalism advocate Jacobsen, oval chair also known as egg chair, egg chair's unique appearance has brought people is one of the most representative of the Nordic design, the work is designed for Copenhagen royal hotel lobby, but later because too many people chase after hold in both hands, so popular in the world soon. Was curved board chair imran, bend the board chair is a famous couples, top pioneer one of the best designer couple design that Iraq was bending the board chair before long become the permanent collection, the museum of modern art MOMA's mustang curved board chair in 1956 from birth to now has 57 years, it has won many honors in the 57 years, such as: in 2003 was listed among the world's best product design, in the 2006's ICFF, attracts the eyeball, radiant; Award-winning film director Billy Wilder's birthday; Herman Miller and Vitra's favourite, popular movies often appear in it, such as iron man, abnormity, etc. Corbusier corbusier deck chair on the couch is main leader of the modern architecture movement character design of le corbusier, le corbusier chair was a symbol of elegant life, known as the super comfortable leisure chair design of the machine fully embodies the human nature and function, every Angle to make the best human body retainer, every detail can bring joy to rest. Is America's most famous one of the most important collections in the museum of modern art MOMA. By the American beauty designer Knoll sofa Knoll sofa, Noel designer Florence, chairman of the company. Noel, Noel sofa is designed in 1954, comfortable soft is its inherent advantages, the full sense of the future work, whether placed in the office or leisure place, is the best option.
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