The maintenance of the sitting room sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30
Sitting room sofa is the prerequisite of the sitting room, it represents our household style characteristic, show the owner's eyes, today we of the sitting room sofa maintain, because we mainly cloth art sofa, sitting room so I today is cloth art sofa under maintenance. A: is the most important thing of cloth art sofa maintain dust removal, if families with vacuum cleaner with cleaner can remove the inside of the corner dust, if not also don't be afraid, can be cleared with a feather duster. A 2: flap with dry towel with dirt can at ordinary times, if there are any stains can be wet and dry with a towel, then wipe besmirch place. Three: if found loose thread ends, don't pull with the hand, hand to put the sofa ripped apart, use to neatly flat with scissors. 4: cloth art sofa should pay attention to moistureproof. Five: don't let the children lit up on the sofa, it is easy to lose elasticity sofa.
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