The maintenance of the leather living room sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-18
Leather living room sofa maintain several steps 1, maintenance for the first time, to buy back sofa first sofa with a soft cloth or sponge to wipe, if there is a sofa there are stains can use the cleansing cream to clean, wipe gently with the maintenance agent on it again, to form a layer of protective film, antifouling effect. 2, daily maintenance, dermal sofa should be regular cleaning and maintenance, clean it with dry soft cloth to wipe the dirt on the sofa, reoccupy wet soft cloth wipe gently, be careful not to scrub, so as not to damage the sofa leather. Dermal sofa if besmirch is more, you need to use real leather sofa dedicated cleaner or cleaning cleansing cream. Gently with wet cloth to wipe the sofa, and then use a sponge to clean with cleansing cream. 3, matters needing attention, because the surface of the leather sofa is very soft, so try to avoid scratch leather, attention, and attention should be paid to our usual ball-point pen and ink pen writing calligraphy and painting, etc. , these items will not only dirty but also will lead to the sofa leather sofa can scratch, so we should pay more attention at ordinary times, especially when home with young children. Avoid direct sunlight and heat burns, such as radiators, stoves, etc. , these things should be as far as possible away from the leather sofa, avoid leather produced by high temperature and fade or harden.
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