The maintenance of the imported leather furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-04
In high-end imports of leather furniture itself, if damage will be painful, the dermal sofa of how should maintain? 1, the surface of the imported leather sofa is very soft, so the location of the dermal sofa must away from edge tool, such as table table Angle. 2, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature heat source. 3, pay attention to children's writing calligraphy and painting at ordinary ball-point pen and ink pen. If found to have besmirch, with special leather cleaner to clean leather furniture. 4, weekly, and soft cloth to wipe gently with water, a month with smooth leather fat or colorless shoe polish maintenance once a year. If 5, dermal sofa unfortunately be scratched, or a small crack, available color is the same pen to repair, so do not appear to be ugly, but when they burst, how to deal with also cannot be the same as the original.
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