The maintenance of kitchen cabinets, ambry of the lacquer that bake door have a coup

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-16

we all know, the kitchen lampblack is very much, so clean problem has been troubling many housewives, for instance hutch ark, although it is installed on the top, but lampblack not less, perhaps because of less clean and more difficult to clean. So you also don't need to worry too much, here small make up to teach you a few tips, believe that we can help you.

how to maintain the kitchen cabinets?

1, hutch ark also need to prevent bumps, in use process, to prevent hard to touch, be careful not to knock against stroke with sharp object to clean the surface of the wall cupboard door plank. Don't use items like steel ball on the friction surface of door plank.

2, items placed note, condole ark of the bearing capacity is generally not as follows, so hutch ark inside for placing the lighter items, such as reserves, cleaning supplies, like seasoning cans, glass, etc. But some very heavy things, such as rice, noodles, etc. , it is absolutely not in condole ark. Into the condole ark of utensils should be cleaned and then into the ark, paying special attention to is to get the vessel is wiped dry.

3, hutch ark oil removal method, the daily clean condole ark, can use the texture meticulous wool cloth to wipe clean, oil on the door plank can use neutral detergent or soap water gently daub, with dry cloth to wipe clean can, general oil dirt, with a neutral detergent or soap water gently daub, can wipe with dry cloth. Do not contain diluents, solvents, polishing powder, washing powder products. Condole ark on the surface of the oil and dirty stains best dispel within 12 hours.

4, clean kitchen cabinet door, wall cupboard door plank material variety, for door plank of wood or solid wood stick a skin, at the time of maintenance available must be wiped clean wax; For the artificial synthesis of door plank is should choose to use wet cloth to wipe, leather and then dry cloth with leather; For paint door plank can choose to clean, damp cloth to wipe gently, then dry immediately with a dry cloth; If you want to use cleaner also should use the professional cleaning products, avoid the use of artificial synthetic resin cleaner.

paint ambry door plank of how to maintain?

1, material: high quality of integral ambry door plank of the lacquer that bake paint film hardness is controlled in 2 h, and ark of hutch of integral ambry meijia door plank surface hardness can reach above 3 h of the lacquer that bake, can be avoided in general, damage behavior.

2, prevent the acid and alkali corrosion, in use process to avoid acidic, alkaline material contact surface of the door plank of integral ambry of the lacquer that bake, in order to avoid corrosion of integral ambry door plank of paint film, if accidentally spilled the soy sauce, vinegar on the surface of the integral ambry door plank, immediately) with a clean cotton cloth dipped a little water to wipe.

3, stroke prevention: film thickness on the surface of the integral ambry door plank of the lacquer that bake at 0. About 3 mm, afraid of knock against and scratches, but a case of damage is difficult to repair, need to be replaced overall. So to take care when using, in use process should avoid sharp things door plank surface.

4, cleaning: in the process of daily use, hard to avoid inside the kitchen lampblack, when the door plank surface of lampblack, oily be soiled, can wipe usable scour, use detergent: water = 1:10 cotton cloth to wipe clean.

5, prevent sun point-blank, integral ambry door plank of the coating film can cause discoloration due to high temperature, so try to avoid direct sunlight integral ambry door plank.

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