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by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-11

custom furniture alone after 80, began the swift and violent development, but custom furniture promising long road at the same time, had to introduce the misunderstanding between the furniture of choose and buy custom furniture and custom furniture should pay attention to some small details, now to introduce you to the custom furniture is the main process, let everybody know, the order of custom furniture.

in real life, the custom furniture is the main process: 1, to determine the need to customize the furniture and determine the type 2, looking for manufacturers of 3, merchants come to measure 4, good product design to vendors or manufacturers according to their own needs good design for your confirmation 5 6, sign contract and pay the deposit, factory production, confirm the goods factory to install the furniture 9, 8, and the rest of the money

online custom furniture is the main process: 1, to determine the need to customize furniture type 2, oneself measure good measure, determine the furniture style 3, select vendors ( The manufacturer must believe that) 4, good product design style to vendors or manufacturers according to their own needs good design style to your confirm 5, pay the deposit online and keep good records, confirm the goods 8, 9, after their installation furniture play paragraph

custom furniture to see quality

custom furniture, products in addition to pay attention to size, style, price, brand, and other aspects, but also pay attention to the quality, the original to custom furniture items when no quality problem, because at that time I don't know some sellers on quality checkers.

this year in August, a consumer Wu Mou order a set of sofa in a store. And in the hotel after the door measurements, and the hotel agreed design, the consumer has signed the contract, and accepting the deposit of $1000.

a month later, after the sofa to, the hotel received payment and the sofa that will be sent to come over, because wu have been familiar with furniture, with his hand touched the surface of sofa, found that the leather is very rough, no flexibility, at that time, Mr. Wu has protested on this matter, for businesses with a good leather, but the store said, good leather, it is not that price, so the requirement of the rejected Mr Wu. Because there is no custom good agreement on material in advance, so Mr. Wu also ate YaBaKui, had to accept this kind of leather furniture.

jas emperor furniture remind consumers: custom furniture, it is important to note that the order should be written clear in advance the color of the decoration materials, materials, specifications, etc. , to avoid dispute.

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