The lights of the hotel furniture how gently beautiful halo?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-22
Hotel in the design of lighting lamps and lanterns choosing is very crucial, lighting effects, the total number of compressive strength, design the whole hotel interior designers consider. About how to choose lighting lamps and lanterns to with the overall hotel conform to each other. The lights of the hotel furniture how gently beautiful halo? A: is the hotel design core idea lighting lamps and lanterns of lighting effects is able to attract consumer's eyes. But crucially lighting design should accord with the hotel's overall design concept. And this kind of design for hotel rooms and public areas, but also as a link in the overall design. Lighting lamps and lanterns, or any other lighting lamps and lanterns, should rely on their own characteristics to improve the overall effect of engineering construction or decoration design. Two: the space layout of the hotel lobby is full of all kinds of design style, lighting effect of the supplement is design style to set. In the previous hotel, the hotel lobby, restaurants, lounge and has a certain distance between the receptionist, but now many of the first exchanged. Therefore, lighting lamps and lanterns must also be on the basis of the changes and make relative adjustment, the application of continuous transformation can apply space. Three: space lighting effects hotel lighting design, hotel corridor is very easy to overlook a region. Corridor not only from the hall to the key of the room safe passage, is the key to the hotel each different region. But also should fully consider when reflect the lighting effects in different body vision space transformation, the corridor lighting effects of color temperature does not need to have a lot of change. Four: intelligent lighting control system intelligent lighting control can save energy, still can show level must be comfortable and convenient. From the definition of intelligent lighting system involves the use of the sun light to reduce the application of artificial lighting lamps and lanterns, and its intelligent closed when you leave the room. Application of intelligent lighting system can together with other systems moving, easy to adjust lighting lamps and lanterns of chromaticity under all kinds of standard and light. Five: prevent complex lighting lamps and lanterns of labeling should prevent image and not established. Today's hotel room lighting control system, have imported the online and mobile systems to help customers management method of lighting lamps and lanterns and service.
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