The length of the sitting room sofa in the sitting room decorate the choice of what requirements

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

choose sitting room sofa will pay attention to design and style, this is in order to decorate a style and the needs of the decorative effect, and to the length of the problem is the sitting room decorate sofa important reference basis. Maybe many people think that does not need too pay attention to the length of the sitting room sofa, as long as you can set the good, actually otherwise. If you do not know the sitting room sofa length associated with human and space, it's difficult to get to the right of the sofa. In addition, the relationship to put comfort and sofa. Then, the sitting room sofa generally how long, how put the sitting room sofa?

1, the real comfort is wants be particular about scale, we are living in the sofa is generally divided into single person sofa, double sofa, three four kinds of sofa and sofa bed. Their size also have certain specifications, for example, the length of a single person sofa is typically eighty to ninety-five cm, will occupy the space, and a man sitting too spacious, two people sit and crowded. Double sofa is generally between one hundred and twenty-six cm to one hundred and fifty cm, the size of the three sofa is between one hundred and seventy-five cm to one hundred and ninety-six cm, etc.

2, the size of the sitting room sofa also because of the different shape and different adjustment, however, when selecting the sofa must be combined with physical indicators of themselves and their families, for example, the height of the upper body, the length of the leg, thigh length and the width of the body, and your life habit, such as like the sitting position, and lie in turn amplitude, and so on. From the point of human body engineering to learn, if the height of the sofa cushion is greater than the length of the leg, sit with your feet have to hung up or stand up, will be sad also not natural, also can have many of the same in life. If the sofa is too low, so it gets difficult to sit down or stand up, but also prone to numbness legs bent.

3, combine the size of the room to choose sitting room sofa size, under normal circumstances, the area of less than 60 square meters room, the sitting room is little or no independent living room. At this time will choose smaller split type sofa sofa, can free combination or mobile, but no more than three, or it will make a room look more crowded. For sixty to one hundred square meters room, can choose the medium size two or three people sofa, also choose the split type, so that we can according to the shape of the sitting room of flexible combination. There are more than one hundred square room, the sitting room is relatively large, generally have thirty square meters or so, when choosing the sofa will be bigger, but also to one-piece sofa, if you choose to split type, so like a sofa in the sitting room exhibition, a provincial.

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