The introduction of stainless steel furniture and maintenance

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-05
Became popular with the development of science and technology, stainless steel furniture, slowly into people's lives, is closely related to People's Daily life, but most people awareness of stainless steel or less, a lot of people don't think a permanent stainless steel rust, stainless steel is not really does not rust, corrosion resistance is good, like stainless steel furniture with a fine of two hundred and thirty, but one day there will be rust, stainless steel furniture, though different in accordance with the conditions of use, oxidation degree is different, but in the end are oxidation, we call this phenomenon the corrosion. General stainless steel furniture, modern furniture accounted for a place in the following we let look at the maintenance of the stainless steel furniture tips! ! ! ! Stainless steel furniture maintenance is very simple, basic don't need to do anything special, just need to mainly small details. The first point: at ordinary times not to be too cold or overheating items directly placed in the surface of stainless steel furniture, also do not use sharp or at the bottom of the coarse items placed on the surface of the furniture directly. Stay away from the second point: stainless steel furniture with chemical corrosive liquid, salt is actually a kind of, keep indoor and ventilated, try not to put in moisture and direct sunlight. So can effectively increase the service life of it. Stainless steel furniture and wooden furniture moistureproof tip

stainless steel furniture moistureproof small knowledge

scrubbing cloth, cleaning cloth with

especially iron furniture appearance fades and spot problems: stainless steel handrails or leg corrosion condition.

as far as possible not in wet environments, small make up action: stainless steel furniture often with soft cloth and detergent scrub. And pay attention to waterproof. In case of wet weather had better use dry cloth to clean. If appear rust, usable dish cloth or toothbrush with brush anti-rust agent, then use dry cloth to polish; So, wrought iron furniture, found a rusty spot should be timely to fill paint, if discover to there is condensation appearance immediately with a dry cloth to wipe, prevent rust.

small wooden furniture moistureproof knowledge

use special wooden furniture cleaner

but that doesn't mean can be moistureproof often do not care. Present problems: wooden furniture in the passed strict dry disposal order before delivery.

can be used to maintain wax or special detergent evenly coated in the furniture appearance, elegant emperor action: wooden furniture with a special cleaner for maintenance. And then can wipe gently, to stick to its luster and moisture; If man-made board furniture sealing side is bad or be affected with damp be affected with damp, easily damaged furniture plate expansion, water absorption, pay attention to when using the waterproof, easy bibulous furniture legs below add waterproof cushion, near the outer walls and the metope of toilet to be kept well ventilated.
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