The introduction and maintenance of annatto furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-13

our original childhood sleep in the bed is usually made of wood, the wooden bed also can have exquisite design, exquisite, modelling and annatto furniture or is there a difference, however, annatto furniture is scarce, so annatto furniture prices, is one of the high-end furniture. Annatto furniture is the symbol of cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, it is practical and collection value, exquisite craft, timber, environmental health, this has been the attention of people, annatto furniture also became one of the selection of solid wood furniture of choose and buy.

annatto furniture maintenance:

1, cleaning appliances, had better choose pure cotton quality product do dishcloth, it doesn't annatto furniture, used to clear away the dust in the relief grain.

2, after paint handling of annatto furniture, avoid is used a solvent such as alcohol, gasoline wipe the stains. Wax polish, with thin, with a dry cotton cloth, annatto furniture put the position best to avoid direct sunlight outside the window, furniture suffer insolation for a long time, can make the paint yellow, faded, metal accessories in the oxidation. If you meet the sunshine can't move, can use the curtain or louver shading, in order to protect the furniture. General too dry in winter, should keep indoor humidity, drying to furniture surface weather-shack, work. it will affect beautiful. Using a humidifier, avoid sprayed directly on the surface of wood, wet for a long time will make the wood rot, rust metal parts.

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