The inspiration of classic hotel furniture production content and ideas

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-09

classic hotel furniture production is practical contents meet the requirements of beauty and artistic beauty. Requires artisans in his own mind to build a certain production requirements and procedures, to conduct a comprehensive thought. Including production form conception; There are production content conception; The idea of technical requirement have inheritance; Some rare, high-grade furniture in the long history of evolution, development and preserved, classic hotel furniture production has been a traditional craftsman oral granted purposely create a kind of traditional culture, is a production and to pass on the history of the development process.

the content of the classic hotel furniture production conception, category of thinking is a rubik's cube. Generally include shape content; With technical aspects of the true content; The subject of the traditional cultural art.

a, furniture shape content

is mainly refers to the period type furniture, tables and chairs cabinet box, bed stool several. Its shape dimension and specification, people generally pastiche of Ming or qing dynasty furniture. Furniture imitation is a kind of traditional manual industry, history of furniture craft at the start of the production and people began to study painting, beginners are copy copy. Until after a comprehensive grasp of furniture technology, is a kind of emotion and process of the combination of industry standards.

precious characteristics of high-grade brand furniture. Is made of rare high-grade wood furniture brand, pay attention to the grade of the material and production process, fine workmanship, the furniture cost working hours, high artistic value. Precious high-grade furniture, also includes famous craftsman brand furniture, heavy technology, structure, heavy wood texture, but sometimes is dull, there is a less hidebound vigor of emotion, but easy to spread and popularization.

2, furniture technology of authentic

refers to carpenter's the use of a complete set of processing technology. A basic process of general imitation; A process after a comprehensive grasp, a rational structure and unique self made. Here the technological aspects of seeking truth, refers to the characteristics of the word differences; Endemic habit custom differences. As technology is the distinguishing feature of artisans, realistic imitation technology, just ask for a long time, fill yourself short. People according to the tradition of the ancient furniture art style, using the theory of modern furniture and art concept, pay attention to the modelling of ancient furniture, line, material, structure, scale and the development of the technology changes, if according to the modern production technology process, improvement and production of high-grade furniture.

3, traditional culture and art in terms of subject matter imitation refers to the preparation of the folk auspicious patterns in different historical periods, each period of the linear and molds in terms of decoration, etc. This theme is imitation, the ornament adornment of the beauty of art as the theme in start, consider less structure and specification. Once the technology to mature, furniture structure and shape art will gradually improve, get perfect, gradual development. Also, so to speak, is standing on the bridge of tradition and the future with tradition, make innovation: with the reform, show the future; With technology, carry forward the tradition. Make furniture is called traditional style furniture.

the old furniture made in the form of conception, improve the aesthetic idea of art with modern people's cultural Beijing quality enhancement, the improvement of housing environment, economic stability and rich life, social demand is increasing day by day, has been developing. The artistic style of Chinese ancient furniture, on the other hand is Zhi root in several thousand years of Chinese traditional folk life, the traditional style, can let the furniture of people advocate natural environment, nature of national art features and characteristics. So, the production of furniture also to reform and development, go the way of his creation, face the reality to the world, into the future, the development for a long time.

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