The inside of the TV series of modern furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-21

to find the modern furniture series? Very popular before a Korean drama called 'heirs', starring is my everything. My everything is clans in drama played two childe, therefore usually live in a villa is a person of extraordinary powers curtilage. The design of the mansion is not as noble as the gold, but full of modern and future space-time configuration. European classical furniture and such furniture is from the design of the master, conforms to the young people like creativity, like the taste of fresh.

another very fire of domestic TV series is the director from play is called 'little dad, yili ma san-mei li is a kind of strong Beijing girl, her mother and younger brother live in the most common type of hutong in Beijing. And three younger sister's room has a small sofa and small tea table, there is a unique small wooden bench. This master of small wooden bench is actually from the European classical furniture, the design of the couple that small wooden bench can be more like a small toys in the room, like a fun company with three younger sister.

there are TV series such as sun li starred 'fashion hot mama', she is fashion magazine again. Magazine decorate a style certainly is also a modern design in the future, so the TV play inside the European classical furniture modern furniture is from the design of the master.

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