The importance of bedroom furniture chest plate quality

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-08
Bedroom furniture brand chest, is an essential part of home furniture. While many people know, chest plate quality, will have an impact on the indoor environment. But exactly what kind of plank is good, most people didn't know this. A chest plate bedroom furniture brand, determine the aspect to judge the quality of plate wardrobe plank? Density board, combined with more closely, the weight is larger; Particle board, is a granular structure, but is not quite close together, light weight, the concentration of the particle board, moistureproof performance is better, plate quality plate after drying, glue, shop, hot pressing, preloading, hot pressing, although the process is the same, but the quality is made of wood material, base material may not be entirely wood inside, there will be other impurities, the poor quality of processed can even see a small pores, and greatly reduce the service life of the plate. , chest plank to accord with national testing standards professional manufacturer of custom wardrobe chosen are accord with national testing standards of environmental protection board, and some manufacturers use is some no inspection report, inferior plank of a potential threat to human health. So, buy custom wardrobe should first look at state authorized department of merchants have plank inspection report and related certificates. Three, chest plate quality depends on the cover some of the wardrobe, the surface is good, however, a row gently with the nails, can draw apparent Nick. These custom wardrobe chosen is at a low price on the market closet often use the surface of pooly paper, luxuriant paper plate, poor wear resistance. Professional manufacturer of custom wardrobe use is usually thicker and dip coating thickness by high temperature and high pressure processing of environmental protection melamine laminated board, high surface strength, wear resistance to scratch. Relevant tags: bedroom furniture
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