The identification and elm elm furniture furniture the advantages and disadvantages

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-26

elm furniture plain natural, tough texture, rough texture and color, elm wood furniture is a solid wood furniture, Ming and qing dynasty furniture is famous for officials, bachelor's degree, the rich people often use elm furniture. Elm now has a lot of fake, so how should the anti-counterfeiting, should if identify elm furniture?

identify the elm furniture: 1, light material is hard, high mechanical strength, straight texture, structure is coarse, heart alburnum distinction clear, narrow dark yellow sapwood and heartwood dark violet and grey, elegant generous, modelling heavy and complicated, concise, is able to bear or endure look. 3, elm after drying, plastic, paint, carved by the exquisite carved lacquerware crafts can be made up. 4, elm, sapwood distinction clear, hard material is qualitative light, high mechanical strength, texture is straight, coarse structure. 1 the advantages of elm furniture, light material is hard, more strong. 1, elm furniture to collect points in the square with round, natural, tall and beautiful, gentleness, show delicate washs practice. 2, elm wood hale, plain natural, without a nail, because yu didn't mortise and tenon joint is linked together, can be preserved for a long time. 4, elm texture clear, decorative pattern beauty, strong toughness, plane surface is smooth, with different material furniture harmonious partner, brings infinite vitality to bedroom space, and more natural rural breath. The disadvantages of the 1, elm elm furniture material if not enough dry, it is easy to cause elm furniture deformation or cracks, and so on and so forth. 2, elm is divided into two kinds: old elm and elm. Choose old elm as far as possible, because the new furniture made of elm is prone to deformation, etc, used old elm as long as the beams, the moisture in the wood all running light, in this way, more with more luster, is not easy to deformation. But the old furniture made of elm elm, if no deal with good, there are free of pests and old board games such as eye.
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