The humanized design principle of hotel guest room furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-03

humanization refers to make technology and relationship coordination, which make the development of the technology on people's demand to expand, embodies in the pursuit of product modeling in the product design and beautiful at the same time, can according to consumer habits, habits, operation convenience of customers, can not only meet the functional demands of consumers, and can meet the psychological needs of consumers. Humanized design is the combination of science and art, technology and human nature, science and technology to the design to the structure of the solid and good function, and make a design full of aesthetic feeling, art and human nature is full of fun and vitality. Furniture humanized design is to point to in the process of design of furniture, designer based on people's behavior, the body's physiological structure and psychological condition, people's way of thinking, in the original design furniture, on the basis of the basic function and performance, optimize the products, improve the use of the convenience and comfort of furniture products.

the hotel guest room furniture humanized design principle reflected in the design of humanistic care, is physiological needs to the person's psychology and spirit pursuit of respect and satisfy, furniture design to service, man and humanized design advocates the civil design, the design of the object should be the general of the people, rather than a small group of wealthy, not just designed for healthy people, but also must consider the design for the disabled. Humanized design should consider the earth's limited resources use, the design should serve to protect the earth's limited resources.

the content of the humanized design thinking: (1) physical level of care, most accommodating people behavior, life style, etc. ; (2) the psychological level of care, on the basis of meet the demand of physical level, try to meet people's psychological needs; (3) the crowd subdivision of care, according to the different identity, for each level of the design, according to the different age, different gender segmentation is designed, the elderly, the disabled and other vulnerable groups subdivision design; (4) the design level of care, design idea and design concept, green products, health products segment design.

the humanized design principle for the designer to put yourself in for the sake of users, to meet people's physical and mental requirements as the starting point of design, to the user's behavior, mental perception, dimension is a standard requirement and aesthetic orientation, makes every effort to change in the standard model, make furniture design meets the requirement of humanization, individuation. The development of bamboo furniture should follow the principle of humanized design. Only in the design process, fully excavated and the related factors, including physical, psychological, national habits, customs, traditional, regional, etc. , the design fully respect people, people-oriented, embarks from the human nature, can make a perfect hotel guest room furniture design.

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