The hotel room furniture moistureproof and treatment method of be affected with damp be affected with damp

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-27

the south is compared commonly moist, hotel room furniture is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, but the cleaning when it was a lot of furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy. Especially in the rainy day, furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp in our imperceptibly. The hotel room furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp the how to deal with? Small make up take you take a look at.

1。 At ordinary times hotel room furniture should be some distance metope 1 centimeter or so put against the wall, so as to avoid the wet season absorb excess moisture. In addition, should be regularly for hotel room furniture wax, every 6 - The furniture of 12 months, with a special paste wax to standard rooms in the hotel a layer of wax on the furniture. And before the wax, milder than alkaline soap water to erase the old wax. Hotel furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp to mold the how to deal with? Can use a clean soft cloth dipped in first special cleaner to remove neutral cleaner or furniture. Then in part of the mould and gently wipe on a layer of wax or furniture furniture special essential oil, put a piece of soap and where there is little musty or gauze bag filled with dried tea leaves, help to eliminate mildew flavour.

2。 Hotel furniture moistureproof the first step is to reduce indoor humidity, when it comes to moistureproof, dehumidifying nature is priority, from the overall moisture, reduce indoor humidity is the primary solution, approach is also varied, both conventional dehumidification and folk remedies, the dehumidifying effect is also different, the following is brief introduction for you. Wet weather, many people will choose to shut doors and Windows to prevent moisture flow, but the indoor air and will therefore no longer flow, also easily lead to bacterial growth. Actually, open a window or don't open the window to choose the proper way, and time to achieve moistureproof and prevent the effect of the best of both worlds.

it is understood that the air humidity is the highest in the morning and evening, this is not recommended during large window, but if you want to open, can choose to avoid facing south or southeast of Windows, the two directions of air moisture in the south is more, do not recommend this place in the window open. In addition, the afternoon or when the weather clears, humidity is relatively low, can choose in this period of time to open a window ventilated, blows away moisture.

3。 The furniture of high moisture content removed in time, since to dehumidification, moisture content of household goods will no doubt increase the humidity of the air, like a normal fish tank, cultivation of aquatic plants, after use, the moisture absorption ability of the article such as raincoat with an umbrella, proposal in plum rains season move them to the outdoor, in order to avoid indoor lunt too much.

4。 Manual dehumidification obvious effect in daily life often use the same paper, washing powder, salt, candles, dry towels available items as long as do a little processing can be powerful dehumidifying tool. At ordinary times note use dishcloth water droplets. On the ground can shop by folding waste newspapers; Sweep the floor to the ground when dragging on barrel, a small amount of salt to mop the floor, brine was quickly evaporate, ground also quickly become dry; Can also be placed in the corner, self-made detergent dehumidification box when washing powder into a massive again used to wash his clothes; Lit candles can also make the moisture not condense to reduce indoor humidity.

5。 On the wet spring and more summer thunderstorm, hotel furniture for daily cleaning, usable and clean soft cloth dipped in furniture special cleaner gently wipe brush to remove dirt, in the autumn and winter and a dry season just down the wood texture with a slightly damp soft cloth wipe gently, maintain moisture to prevent cracking of the hotel room furniture. Be careful not to use dry cloth to wipe, lest wipe.

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