The hotel furniture to decorate style

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-10

in the 1920 s, the design of the public service purpose determines the hotel furniture style design popular in the world. Functionalism in the 1930 expo, Stockholm marks its breakthrough in Scandinavia, and the world. The hotel furniture style will be Germany's advocating practical function concept and its local traditional process, the combination of rich human design makes its international reputation. It gradually formed system unique style in the 40 s. Nordic design are the typical features of advocating nature, respect for the traditional process technology. In the 20th century, the burgeoning 'industrial design, in the tide of boreal Europe style is concise is pushed to the extreme. How much you know about the hotel furniture style? The next and small make up I discuss together!

the hotel furniture to decorate style

1, in terms of northern European furniture design, creates a completely without the use of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, the Nordic furniture, decorative furniture products is actually a variety of forms. If what do they have in common that must be a simple, direct, functionalization, and close to nature, a quiet Nordic amorous feelings, is by no means demagogic vanity design.

2, in the aspect of architectural interior design, is the interior of the top three, wall, ground surface, no grain appearance and pattern adornment, only lines and colors to distinguish between an ornament.

how to decorate the Nordic style

1, boreal Europe style shop all without the use of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, design, decoration, such as using lines and colors to differentiate between the ornament, simple, direct, functionalization, close to nature is boreal Europe style hotel. Boreal Europe style hotel light hard outfit, natural, white and jump, DIY, contracted, along with the gender, ikea boreal Europe style hotel should be light color is given priority to, the more the original wood color, decorative pattern etc.

2, colorful Nordic style hotel pillow is essential, also won't destroy whole boreal Europe style hotel, similar products very much. In northern wind household adornment picture will have the effect that make the finishing point of soft outfit. Lamps and lanterns, the Nordic LOFT industrial products have a lot of wind, can match the be fond of according to oneself.

the Nordic decorate a style to develop

the middle of the 20th century in the northern European economic rapid development make northern europeans have a generous welfare system. But northern europeans still attaches great importance to the practicability of the products, simple and natural aesthetic heritage. The residential culture and design concept deeply influence. Therefore, even in the era of industrial northern European product design are still retains its focus on the user's physical and mental health of the essence of humanistic care. Traditional and fashion innovation is Nordic stylist is applied to get incisively and vividly. As the public interests are concerned, the Nordic design without missing of niche concern. Such as eliminate inconvenience, people with disabilities in the life for its convenient humanity design, realize social justice. They all reflected the boreal Europe style design to the person's considerate care.

the hotel furniture decorate a style type

European classical style

Europe type style is mainly refers to western classical style. This kind of style is emphasized with luxuriant adornment, strong color, elegant modelling reach elegant adornment effect. There are a lot of people like it! 1500 change change, causes the Scandinavian countries formed in the course of constant communication fusion style similar aesthetic standards. Stems from a traditional Scandinavian simple and practical design concept, functionalism as first thing to do, find a new balance between function and form, the design is simple, easy, practical, for the general public, outstanding function, not too many trival adornment, eventually formed the unique design style. It represents a return to nature of fashion, also reflects the modern urbanite to enter a rational orientation of the consumption era. At the same time, influenced by various national cultural history, every country has its unique design features.

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