The hotel furniture style elements

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-08

the design style of the modern hotel furniture is still functional, but is not the kind of rigorous and Bauhaus era in the form of dogma. Absorb each nationality's traditional style has become a 'traditional' northern European furniture design. Furniture in the process of modernization in Europe, some radical modernists tend to the modern and traditional, think to modernization and denied the traditional, abandon traditional, tradition is to restore ancient ways, not into the modern world. Still often used in the design of geometric forms, but the geometric form is often be soften, pointed down sharp Angle is often replaced by arc or 's' shape curve, the rigidity of flat form is often replaced by 'organic form' abound of the milk of human kindness. This denial of traditional radical modernization thought, will eventually incorporate European furniture in a unified mode. So this wasn't accepted. Boreal Europe furniture pour into their traditional national characteristics and traditional style, make the user feel kind and easy to accept.

the Danish designer kay bartender Jason said, the line of boreal Europe furniture with a smile. Nordic home with reservation inherits the European modernist geometry quality the form elements of furniture design aesthetic feeling. This is a big industrial age people advocate and willing to accept 'mechanical aesthetics'. Based on this, but at the same time, the Nordic furniture is to mould the topological properties of modelling form aesthetic feeling. Boreal Europe furniture for studying human body engineering and the ethnic and other classics, gives good function to the external form, so I have more harmonious proportion of furniture. Multi-level rich change curve apply make the northern European hotel furniture with the style of elegant

the hotel furniture modelling diversity, not constrained by fixed program, linear combination, status, etc. Is important to emphasize that the modern furniture modelling form is beautiful not because of additional decoration, but reasonable use scientific principle, make the function of product be expressed directly. In addition, the modelling of the modern hotel furniture has a good sense of order, and this is the one of important condition to obtain formal beauty. According to the American mathematician burke hoff ( G。 D。 Birkhoff) Theory of aesthetic degree, rich sense of order to aesthetic pleasure, but things are too complex and not easy to cause the aesthetic pleasure.

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