The hotel furniture and the characteristics of the Mediterranean hotel furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-09

the hotel furniture

than Europe contains such as Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, the Scandinavian countries. The hotel furniture presents diversity and environmental protection concept. The main features of the hotel furniture based on organic modelling and light feeling on one hand, on the other hand is rooted in the beautiful qualitative feeling, and high-tech production techniques. Boreal Europe furniture with human life consciousness, the furniture of high quality material makes it has a good reputation in the high quality people. Emphasis on creating warm color of the home is the key of the boreal Europe furniture style, therefore its main in beech, woven cloth, mottled hues of ceramics, straw as material.

the Nordic designers understand the model of 'mature is the perfect form', to fruity with abstract sculpture feels natural and organic modelling, known as the main furniture model possessing it, at the same time the Nordic designers think 'to display the material properties to the utmost, is the first processing of any perfect design'. So they use smart techniques, from wood, cane, all the furniture such as textiles, metal material in the special texture for the perfect combination with performance, give a person a kind of very natural, rich, comfortable, friendly visual and tactile sense.

the Mediterranean hotel furniture

is one of the important birthplace of human civilization, in Athens, Greece has countless cultural and artistic treasures. Greece is the immortal works of art the home of a 'Venus', the design style of Greece is the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games advocate natural, beautiful Greek Athens city environmental art and decoration extremely shocked the art of feeling to the person, the sanctity of these works reflected the traditional Greek style, also reflected the Mediterranean material characteristics and spiritual temperament. Although Greece through the ancient Greek, Roman empire ( Byzantine) And in different periods of change such as the Ottoman empire left traces of a variety of national culture, but the pursuit of natural style has always been a Greek is the cornerstone of the land remains the same. The choice of materials, decorative paints and constitute a way, show respect to nature, make the Greek Mediterranean style. Mediterranean style hotel furniture to highly affinity rural amorous feelings, downy tonal and combination collocation atmosphere quickly accepted by people outside of the Mediterranean.

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