The hotel decorate do these details can make nearly 100% customer satisfaction

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-14

it is well known that at present the hotel industry increasingly fierce competition, many hotels are attaches great importance to improve the satisfaction of hotel guests have launched close service, exceptional service or personalized services and other measures to improve the satisfaction of all the guests to the hotel, in order to increase the guest's lead, increase the hotel's economic and social benefits. So, how to improve the satisfaction of all the guests to the hotel? How can I have more repeat customers? These are important questions, but I think it should be from the following three aspects, the first. Hardware second wine. The third hotel decorate environment. Hotel configuration items.

today we are going to the hotel from the second point to decorate the environment how to decorate quality directly affect the hotel customer experience, now more and more customers value hotel decorate experience, hotel furniture here introduce you to the hotel decorate a few details of the construction, let your hotel texture!

the entrance of the hotel a few details we can look at the

the hotel entrance

( A) Entrance to spacious

it is very important to the entrance of the spacious and elegant, will leave a good impression to the guest. Too narrow and cramped population can let a person feel very uncomfortable.

at the same time, the entrance of the hotel has a better relatively spacious lobby, the formation of the transition of indoor and outdoor space, which not only can improve the grade of the hotel, and easy to energy saving. Also, considering the needs of people with disabilities, special ramps for their design.

small make up through the above introduction, believe everybody for what the hotel entrance detail can let the customer's satisfaction by have must understand and master some knowledge of the

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