The hotel decorate do these details can make nearly 100% customer satisfaction

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-14

it is well known that at present the hotel industry increasingly fierce competition, many hotels are attaches great importance to improve the satisfaction of hotel guests have launched close service, exceptional service or personalized services and other measures to improve the satisfaction of all the guests to the hotel, in order to increase the guest's lead, increase the hotel's economic and social benefits. So, how to improve the satisfaction of all the guests to the hotel? How can I have more repeat customers? These are important questions, but I think it should be from the following three aspects, the first. Hardware second wine. The third hotel decorate environment. Hotel configuration items.

today we are going to the hotel from the second point to decorate the environment how to decorate quality directly affect the hotel customer experience, now more and more customers value hotel decorate experience, hotel furniture here to tell you about the hotel furniture decorate a few details of the construction, let your hotel texture!

a few details of the hotel lobby we can focus on

hotel lobby

( A) Adopt various kinds of desk

the table in the hall is the most important, indispensable if conditions permit, its location should be as far as possible don't face the door, this can be either to deal with relevant formalities at reception guests a relatively easy and comfortable space, and also can reduce the commercial too thick.

the hotel valuables keeping needs to have two directions of into the door. A is for the use of the guest, another desk, for service personnel in and out. For smaller hotels, business center and table, adjacent to save manpower, and the larger the hotel business center and conference center in an area is the ideal choice.

( 2) Lobby bar should not be too single function

in the lobby bar is, the essential functions of the high star hotel place, one of the following should be paid attention to in the design of question:

( 1) According to the actual hotel guest flow, lobby bar area and the seat number should be consistent.

( 2) Closely connected to and service in the backcourt.

( 3) If the space is not large or position is not relative with illicit close sex, suggest no drinks, there are between services.

( 4) Some of the hotel lobby bar and coffee shop together, can effective use of space and resources. Can provide house guest buffet breakfast in the morning, noon, evening buffet is characteristics, and have the function of the lobby bar between each meal, this is a more ideal way.

( 3) Hall public toilet should reflect high taste

the lobby of public toilet also is a focus in the design, should pay attention to:

( 1) Toilet position should be hidden, should not be open directly to the lobby, opened the door should have a transitional space, should not be directly see the inside of the activity.

( 2) Water mouth, urinal suggested induction, which is health.

( 3) Dry hand cartons and the bin should be embedded in the wall.

( 4) Sit lavatory should use fully enclosed, partition should be to each other, to increase the illicit close sex.

( 5) Urinal before and after sit lavatory can increase the display of art.

( 6) Tie-in harmony stone wall and ground can effectively promote the class of the toilet.

( 7) Wash one embodiment of the wall lamp for the lighting and the effect of mirror is also very important.

small make up through the above introduction, believe everybody for what the hotel lobby details can let the customer's satisfaction by have must understand and master some knowledge of the

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