The hotel custom furniture packaging method and process

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-28

custom hotel furniture plate usually use cardboard packaging. Panel is integrated packaging according to the size, in order to save space. Piece of furniture or a single batch of furniture may have multiple paper bag. Complete custom furniture packaging including: cabinet put oneself in another's bag, bag and matching hardware package. Because the door of the structure is relatively complex, difficult and assembly at the scene, therefore, the door to production after the completion of the whole package.

board package process as shown in figure 4 34, specific as follows.

(1) according to the size of the panel is selected paper, cutting out the suitable paper. Due to the size of the custom furniture unlike traditional mass production of furniture, the container of a fixed specifications, each paper to single authoritarian. Cutting paper with manual and machine in two ways. Manual cutting more flexible and convenient, but the packaging machine automatic cutting and tidy and beautiful.

(2) the cabinet put oneself in another's package content mainly panel. Sandwich plate with pearl cotton between tile, to prevent the occurrence of friction between the plate. On the side panel is placed pearl cotton, bag panel for a week.

3. Multiple small size panel is arranged on the first floor, the need to put plastic foam in the space between the panel is to prevent collisions.

(4) fortress made of cardboard packaging corner needs Angle plug, prevent collision in transit to the corner of panel.

5. Tape the paper wrapped tight, and sealed end and gaps.

6 hardware package generally space of place in the packaging area, with adhesive tape to paste. If a single family has more than one paper, hardware accessories packages can also be individually packaged.

7) at the end of the paper label paste the logistics of separate production of large door, open the door and other commonly used thicker pearl cotton packing after cutting, then tape coil ( Figure 4 - 35) 。 After the completion of the packaging, together with the cabinet put oneself in another's position paper to the warehouse.

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