The history of the Barcelona chair

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-28

after the morning after the busy work, lay to rest during lunch break can be said to be a kind of enjoyment. This is where a reasonable design, beautiful deck chair in the office.

the deck chair is just a kind of popular, professional is Barcelona chair, the chair was, and so on many kinds of le corbusier chair. Let's to talk about the history of the Barcelona chair.

Barcelona chair is a deck chair, is Smith & middot; All & middot; Johndroe designed chair in 1929, was originally designed to meet the king and queen, after 87 years of vicissitudes of life still is the darling of the fashion world.

at the time of mies is Germany pavilion expo & middot; All & middot; Johndroe's masterpiece, but because the building's unique design and there is no matching furniture, finally Smith had to design the Barcelona chair to greet the king and queen.

have to say that barca Luo Yi this deck chair is contracted furniture of classic, today also is a kind of fashion.

Barcelona chair build relaxed and comfortable sitting room

this is a relaxed and clean, warm and comfortable design case, pure white with wooden elements is through the collocation of indoor clues. Designers through some simple modern furniture: Barcelona chair choose to use, to bring the balance of the old and new, create a more spacious visual effect.

design to meet the demand as the starting point of life, to expand the window has become the center of the building, in the daytime, hardly need artificial light can bring fully bright visual effect.

the stairs adopt the structure of the hollow out, to ensure the light penetration, even a narrow staircase, also appears lightsome. Green plant through the window into the streets, became the indoor landscape painting, wood elements, bring nature and life. Smallpox on the top building designer opened skylight, spilled into every corner of the indoor light, warm and sunny. The origin of Barcelona chair

Barcelona chair can be said to be the star of the furniture industry furniture, whether it's X to the foot chair backrest Angle, makes the heart to the imagination, even the king of the queen, was full of praise for Barcelona chair so when mies van DE lo is designed for the sake of what Barcelona chair?

is a famous architect mies van der rohe, is also a master of furniture design, design the Germany hall in Barcelona in 1929, knowing that the Spanish king and queen will come to visit, visit, because he is very distinctive design of Germany hall, lead to can not find the match the German hall furniture to entertain the king and queen, finally straight-tempered oneself start work design furniture, this is the classic fashion beautiful, creative, Barcelona chair, the chair was not only make the whole hall, for today is still regarded as classics design field.

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