The history of hotel lobby furniture is put

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-29

with the industrial revolution and the change of the social form, the crystal expo 1851 will furniture and furnishings design into a new era, from then on, people's aesthetic idea has changed, but no longer blindly follow a certain wind, pluralistic era style at the same time, the international style, the design style of modernist school, neoclassical school. The style of furniture and furnishings art began to follow the whole style of interior design layout and arrangement.

in the long history of China, as an important part of interior design of hotel furniture and furnishings design is in constant development, hotel furniture and display the morphological characteristics of the specific historical period of the city, the requirements and technical conditions are determined, with the development of history and the progress of the society, the concept of hotel furniture and furnishings are updated, replaced. We can find some spiral development rule, this is where we study history strop to

when people feel vexed, deqing to increasingly troublesome decoration things toward the opposite extreme - — The international development, mies van DE lo proposed 'less is more'; American sculptor, Horatio Grenoble, put forward the name of 'form follows function' slogan. America is the representative figure of the Chicago school, Louis Sullivan took the concept of design field, to the decorative form combined with function. Promote the diversified development of furniture and display design. Then there is no chicken, no fall suddenly auspicious change from this basic principle, the modern furniture reflected the contemporary the development level of productivity, new material, new technology, new technology is the key to the modern furniture production factors, Michael Mr. Knight invented the bent wood technology, the great wisdom world first-class curved wooden chair, six bending wood, ten screws and two nuts of the chair can self-assembly, with 120 art after steam pressure bending forming, is the milestone of furniture culture.

to look to China again, China hotel furniture is an important part of Chinese culture, has a long history, people used to sit on the floor, shang and zhou era and hotel furniture more for low profile, give priority to with the bed, then the hotel furniture, such as screen, JL case in bed is derived on the basis of the couch. Shang and zhou, qin, han, wei, a table, stool; The han dynasty, the high visitors appear in succession, pedal and sit became popular; The tang dynasty. Pedal hotel furniture gradually arisen by the five dynasties and ten states to the song dynasty was able to finalize the design, manufacture craft basic mature; During the Ming and qing dynasties is the heyday of China hotel furniture, hotel furniture production, design excellence.

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