The history of contemporary and contracted style

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01
Believe that a lot of all know the history of contemporary and contracted style, but also has a lot of don't know, today let us into the history of contemporary and contracted style show, to know.

contemporary and contracted style is the result of minimalism, he is the rise of western modernism in the 20th century, the origin is the Bauhaus school, developed the Bauhaus school of thought. Is the founder of the Bauhaus school was leather, and advocate contracted on building decoration, the design is contracted style feature of element, color, lighting, raw materials are reduced to the least extent, but the high requirement of material texture and color.

contracted space design are usually very implicative, often can achieve more with less, to JianSheng multiplying effect. In this increasingly busy life, people yearn for a kind of can relax thoroughly, with concise and pure to adjust the space of the spirit of conversion, are in complementary consciousness, under the domination of eager to get rid of the cumbersome and complex, the pursuit of simple and natural.

their design ideas and theoretical principles by style and the influence of le corbusier, the pure architectural space, the size and the sun's cubist composition, light is preferred, so it is also known as the revival of the early modern architecture.

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