The height of the Europe type sofa how many appropriate?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-20

the decoration of the sitting room is an important place in our home, which is also important to the choice of sofa, so you know how Europe type sofa? The size of luxury classic sofa? You know the height of Europe type sofa? Below is for everybody to introduce Europe type sofa is highly relevant information!

Europe type sofa is the height of the

first take a look at the sitting height of sofa, the sofa of the seat surface height has also been understood as sofa cushion height. Generally speaking, the sofa of high shall be consistent with the height of the knee after the twists and turns, can let a person feel comfortable; Usually single person sofa of the mercy seat surface height should be keep in 42 cm.

double or triple of sofa seat surface height and common single person sofa seat surface height of the specification, seat surface width has the corresponding change. Usually three sofa to everyone's seat surface distance 45 - 48 centimeters advisable, double sofa seat surface distance can be bigger, to 50 cm, depending on the user's body size. In addition, in addition to pay attention to the height of the sofa, the sofa seat surface softness is also very important. For the oppressed; Seat surface is too hard, a person the feeling of sitting for a long time will have a sit still. Europe type sofa usually scale because of their individual character and style is changeable, so it is difficult to have a certain scale of the specification, as long as some general usually scale.

Europe type sofa armrest is usually high - 560 600 mm single type: length: 800 - 950 mm, the depth: 850 - 900mm; High: 350 420mm; Back high: 700 - 900 mm double type: length: 1260 - 1500mm; Depth: 800 900 mm three type: length: 1750 - 1960毫米; Depth: 800 900 mm of four type: length: 2320 - 2520毫米; The depth of the 800 - 900 mm in the need to watch our: usually imported Europe type sofa or classic Europe type sofa, American Europe type sofa is atmosphere, take up the space is larger, if put them in a small unit in the sitting room, tend to make the sitting room looks more and more narrow.

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