The height of the contracted furniture table and put the details

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-13

modern furniture not only for dining table, but family communication relationship, the harmonious atmosphere of a carrier. The table that sells on the market, big department is given priority to with logs and transparent glass material.

a lot of table, appearance looks beautiful, sit up is not satisfactory, and very likely is table design does not accord with human body engineering design. Choose table, must try to sit, pay attention to the table height from the ground is best in 70 ~ 74 centimeters; The chair with your table minimum distance at least 27 ~ 31 centimeters apart; The activities of the people at the dinner table space is about 60 cm, legs under the desktop space to 30 cm, so don't be too narrow table; The desktop should have at least 75 cm width.

in terms of location, the location of the table should be convenient for people to walk and use. Need to pay attention to the table is unfavorable is opposite gate, lest enter a person directly in the face of the table, not tasteful, if cannot avoid, can use porch or screen keep out. Unfavorable also is on the bathroom door to avoid uncoordinated smell influence dines.

table in order to show the unique style, can choose a different table cloth as a means of expression. Simplicity of hemp qualitative tablecloths shows natural and traditional flavor, bright antependium can feel cheerful and lively atmosphere. In addition, mensal upper part with suitable lamps and lanterns, can let a person enjoy the beauty of food color, and can create a charming atmosphere.

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