The general chair size and selection skills

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-06

the' target='_blank'>chair has been into our life, a chair can alleviate fatigue, in our life provides a rest place and space, we generally want to chair the choose and buy to choose a size more suitable products, then how much is the general, in general the chair size and our chairs when the choose and buy should pay attention to what matters, let everybody see below.

a chair the size of the appropriate will affect human health. If the chair is too low or too high will affect the person's spine and lumbar spine, especially beneficial to people's eyesight and physical growth and development. If the chair seat surface is too high, like sitting on a high chair, will feel very uncomfortable, if the chair seat surface is too low, some people will feel more difficult stand; And if the seat width less than the standard width before, chair of the space will become narrow; If the surface depth is too deep, there will be no natural prolapse, calf leg abdomen easy oppressed; A shallow, can let a person the feeling of sit still.

general chair size: 983 * 808 * 1215 mm

private activity area is the master bedroom. In addition to the usual bed and chest, bedroom furniture should be as simple as possible, but add a chair can yet be regarded as one of the ways to adjust the mood. In the early morning light shining on the earth, and in the bedroom window to drink a cup of coffee, refreshing sitting in front of a mirror dressing is homework every day. Don't jump, chair of color and design so as not to disturb the need quiet space impression.

general chair size: 804 * 781 * 1370 mm

this of office chairs with casters, back of the chair height, arc is usually designed to be more professional, also can adjust height, produced by using the hundred annatto, has large leather surface, very suitable for bearing the people pay attention to study. A relatively small study, or prefer fixed type work chair, should pay attention to the design of the back of the chair is reasonable use whether appropriate, fabrics. Strain of lumbar muscles, GengZhuiYan is the common disease of modern, maintain a healthy body we need to start from the life intravenous drip.

chair considerations of choose and buy


length should be equal to the calf, sat down crus natural prolapse, the soles of your feet just fall to the ground. Too much can cause legs hanging, thighs oppressed under too much for too long is bad; Seat surface is too low will lead to the thigh put less than on the surface, the body weight on the hip compression, so sit down for a long time will be uncomfortable. Deep


to sit chair, seat surface depth should be same as the length of the legs, sat down the crook of the knee joint is the edge of the chair seat surface is too deep will make back to rely on on the back of the chair; Seat surface too shallow and leads to the thigh not enough support, so the seat surface is too deep or too shallow will be uncomfortable.

chair face and back of the chair materials

both should be a velvet glove type stents are strong enough, but the surface has a certain thickness of elastic layers. The outside contact with the body material should be wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure dirty, breathable, and with the body or clothing produce static electricity.

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