The fusion of Chinese and western style of modern furniture what is suitable for the modern home

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-08

with the continuous development of era, household market also began to diversify the development of modern furniture is a trendy furniture style, it absorbed the advantages of the western modern furniture, and combining the characteristics of the traditional Chinese style furniture and gradually evolved. It compared with the traditional Chinese style furniture look more than a little breath of pure and fresh and contracted, restoring ancient ways is more popular with consumers.

the modern furniture of Chinese style due to the influence of Chinese traditional furniture aesthetics, in the production and processing into the classical design style, make the modern Chinese style furniture is not only a classic, expression of Chinese style atmosphere, also has the obvious characteristics of modern style. Thanks to modern Chinese style furniture inherit and carry forward the Chinese traditional furniture culture, so Chinese rich Chinese wind is one of the features of modern furniture. It get rid of the traditional Chinese on modelling the prototype of the Ming and qing furniture, but the overall lines or following the aesthetic of Chinese style furniture in China, it's not a mix of Chinese and western elements, but under the modern's aesthetic demand to create rich flavor of traditional household items, it breaks through the traditional Chinese style furniture is too rigid, the framework of historical sense is fashionable, with new furniture.

the framework of modern Chinese style furniture is Chinese style, but with a contemporary and contracted, it and the modern Chinese style furniture line has a lot to do. Because of the modern Chinese style furniture abandoned the traditional Chinese style furniture of edge horn trival adornment, and line reference the western contracted style furniture, so the line of modern Chinese style furniture is given priority to with fashion, concise, and this is the second characteristics of modern Chinese style furniture. The simple beauty of modern Chinese style furniture line can give people comfort, let a person can enjoy the feeling of home, general modern Chinese style furniture such as sofa, chair, bed size is very harmonious, comfortable and spacious feel to the person.

the modern Chinese style furniture for both Chinese and western contracted style, so various style decorating modern furniture can be a good match, not because of furniture and room style and produce depressive feeling, in addition, modern furniture placed in the home can rise to adorn the room effect, sublimation of household decorates class, add a bit to room air of vogue, concise, more the good life experience to the person.

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