The furniture of different use place is introduced

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

the structure type of furniture, use different places, different role, according to the defined the use place of furniture, furniture can be divided into office furniture, public furniture, business furniture, hotel furniture, school furniture, civilian household furniture. ( 1) Office furniture, office furniture, such as filing cabinets, office units, large chair, conference table, telephone sets, etc. ( 2) Public building furniture: refers to the auditorium, cinema, station, wharf and other public places used furniture, such as seats, seating;

( 3) Commercial furniture: refers to the store for storage, display, display of goods in the shop of furniture, such as containers, shelves, counter, etc;

( 4) Hotel furniture: refers to the hotel guest rooms, restaurants, bars and lounges and other places of use of furniture, such as bar, bar chairs, etc;

( 5) School furniture: refers to the school in the furniture used in the teaching and scientific research activities, such as desks, experimental platform, drawing table, etc. ;

( 6) Civil furniture: refers to the family with the furniture, which can be divided into the bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, kitchen furniture, living room furniture, study furniture, children furniture, etc.

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