The furniture of a few common maintenance

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-04
With the improvement of living standard, people more and more attention to life quality, modern furniture also more and more popular. Due to discard the psychological, just bought furniture, we couldn't wipe several times a day, hold any dust, dirt, but do not pay attention to the maintenance of myth, the faster maintenance much more frequently wear oh.

1, don't use coarse or old clothes to wipe furniture, prevent scratch furniture

2. Do not use dry cloth to wipe dust, in order to avoid wear furniture, make its surface bleak and coarse, shining no longer

3, do not use with soap and water, detergent, wet cloth to wipe the furniture they have certain corrosive, if moisture penetration into the wood, wood can also lead to mold or local deformation, shorten service life.

4, don't put the furniture in the sunlight and dry place.

5, don't put furniture is easy to damp places, the passage of time will can't open the drawer.

6, don't spray wax on the leather,, the pore that will bring about leather goods jams, speed up the leather ageing, shorten its service life.

7, don't take some wax products direct daub is on furniture, can make furniture surface with mist spots.

8, don't place a high concentration of alcohol, banana oil on the surface of the table and starts boiling hot stuff such as boiling water, in case of damage to the paint.

9, don't put heavy pressure on furniture for a long time, can make furniture to be out of shape.

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