The function of the womb chair is very strong

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

everyone knows womb furniture.com/classic-dining-chair' target='_blank'>chair is a piece of furniture in visual very impact work, is also very powerful, like the sitting room put, enjoy cafe, club reception, sat in the chair of the uterus to watch TV than to do nothing on the couch watching effect is poor, but that's not all of its functions. Womb chair body wrapped in soft wool, cloth, and people have to sit in a chair was gently hug feeling, omni-directional provides the high performance of comfort and security, like in mother's womb, the seat will not deformation, not cracking, surface smooth, not wrinkle, is a modern classic products!

one day have an electronics company in order for our company for more than 10 chair of the uterus ( 子宫椅) , when we don't know why not receive company so much uterine chairs, was asked by them, isn't it bought for employees as a reward. And they said, no, just the boss see employees at noon rest not accustomed to lying on my desk, no spirit after work, so the boss decided to buy some womb chair back, at the time of noon break time employees can sleep lying in the womb chair there, the boss had experienced personally, so bring it back to company now, can be used as a reception at ordinary times, can provide employees to rest at noon.

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