The European and American style furniture of choose and buy of common sense

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

all over the country, widely distributed in various European and American style furniture production enterprise. Because of different producing area, leading to its price is very wide. In the modern furniture wholesale purchase, should pay attention to the following contents:

first, must identify the manufacturer of furniture and the origin of a product, to carries on the comparison to its price, under normal circumstances: OEM ( Stick a card) , the price much lower than imported. Caused by two different price, mainly related to their comprehensive cost and process level. Furniture imported from abroad, completely in accordance with the country of origin of materials and manufacturing technology level, coupled with expensive tariffs and freight charges, etc. , the price is more expensive. While in the domestic processing and manufacturing of European and American furniture are introduced production lines from abroad, do not need to pay tariff, freight also is less, low comprehensive cost, so the price is relatively low. Consumers need to understand, not high prices of European and American furniture must have quality, design quality. Many foreign old styles, imported into the domestic price is still very high.

in addition, the material is qualitative different, can cause disparity on European and American furniture price, price with stone material and pure copper plating, the most expensive real wood, plate minimum.

select the European and American furniture, also consider the size of the European and American furniture is in line with the building structure and living habits of consumers. European and American furniture especially pure American imports of furniture, its size and style are all according to the design and manufacture of local shape and habits, and some furniture in terms of size and dimension to be wider, and is not consistent with the Chinese.

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