The European and American furniture, four style

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

modern furniture wholesale and joining instructions: four European and American furniture style. The European and American furniture style mainly includes Italian style, French and Spanish style, etc. In the 17th century to the 19th century royal, noble embodiment in the furniture, the luxury of exquisite handmade fine cutting, sculpture, and setting project, on line, proportional design can also show a rich artistic breath adequately, romantic and elegant, strives for perfection. Is derived from European and American furniture style, but essentially has a distinct style, more prominent simple and practical.

classical Italian furniture is famous for its expensive, because this country is obsessed with handmade. Italian furniture has incomparable culture concept, art sculptures in the streets, the smell of the Renaissance in various industries. Italian furniture every detail of all emphasize the honor.

the French classical furniture materials basically as cherry wood. At present, from the French rococo style just like China's bright type furniture, with fluent line and is famous for its beautiful modelling, not only in the history of the French classical furniture occupies an important position, is also one of the most admired by modern style.

Spanish furniture's biggest feature is the use of engraving technology. Carving decoration of furniture is under the influence of gothic architecture, gothic flame type more beautiful case take the form of relief on the furniture of all details. The outline of the basic traditional Spanish furniture is linear, its modelling simple and consistent when the Spanish housing.

furniture style is the result of European culture in the United States, but in some detail and European furniture processing, it abandoned the baroque and rococo style's pursuit of novel and flashy, emphasize concise, clear lines and elegant, decent decoration. American furniture is given priority to with a single color of paint.

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