The difference between modern style furniture and modern style furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

modern style furniture and modern style furniture is the main difference reflected in style, materials, simple and convenient, modernism advocating simple, simple, single, such as the mies van der rohe has said, less is more & throughout; Concept, materials used in single; Postmodern criticism of modernism into attitude, against the modern style of simplicity, in adornment also appeared on Europe is classical, modern style furniture material also more diversified, materials for more complex, Robert put forward less annoying & throughout; The idea of. Post-modern style furniture color in more effort to highlight the modern style, break through the limitations of modern concise single, claims compatible well storage, regardless of the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, all can meet the required to live to use them.

modern furniture style is contemporary and contracted style, single, I think when the modern young people, mostly classical and modern style of European and American style, with a tendency to treasure palace noble or old man.

the postmodern reforms include spiritual and ideological reform, including the progress of technology, especially the new materials; The use of reinforced concrete, plate glass, steel, also includes the new form; To oppose any decoration the simple geometrical shape, and the tendency to functionalism, the class society which help to design broke serve powerful position and principle, the thousands of years building completely attached to break the traditional wood, stone, brick and tile. Modernism philosophy foundation is dominant in the early years of the capitalism rationalism with scientism, emphasize rational function, form follows function, the unity of science and technology & throughout; Is typical of rationalism, the performance of the sixties of the 20th century, the irrational, existential humanism gradually popular, became the western aesthetics, literature, art, the form of the important theoretical basis, and it is not hard to understand postmodernism of inevitability.

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