The difference between leather, cloth, PU and PVC

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-20

the average person outside of the leather synthetic leather such as: PVC, PU leather, referred to as artificial leather or imitation leather. PVC, PU is polyvinyl chloride ( One of the plastic) , but the two products of the manufacturing process is different. PVC leather in the process of manufacturing plastic particles melt mixing into a paste, in accordance with the provisions, the thickness of the uniform coating on T/C knitted fabric bottom base, and then into the foam foaming furnace, make its have can adapt to produce all kinds of different products and different requirements of flexibility, while out for surface treatment ( Dyeing, embossing, extinction, grinding surface polishing, burr and so on, are mainly in accordance with the specific product requirements for) 。

dermal sofa is soft and comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summer, strong wear resistance, looked gorgeous. The disadvantage is that bother maintenance, cleaning, to keep it beautiful. If not careful broken by the child and repair any difficult as well.

cloth art sofa is comfortable and natural, recreational sense is strong, easy to realize the household relax, all sorts of design and color, can choose and transform can reflect individual character more. Now outer garment of cloth art sofa can unpick and wash, clean up more easily also.

PU leather on the manufacturing process are more complex than PVC leather, due to the PU backing is tensile strength good canvas PU material, in addition to the coating on the top of the base cloth, also of knitted fabrics can be contained in the middle, the watch is not exactly the existence of the cloth. The physical properties of the PU leather is better than PVC leather, winding resistance, good flexibility, tensile strength, permeability ( PVC not) 。 PVC leather decorative pattern is through the decorative pattern of steel roll extrusion; PU leather decorative pattern is to use a patterned paper ReTie pressure in semi-finished leather surface first, wait for after cooling down again to separate the paper of the leather, do surface treatment. PU leather price is PVC leather is more than twice as high, some special requirements of the PU leather price is higher than the PVC leather 2 & ndash; Three times. General patterned paper can only use the PU leather need 4 & ndash; 5 times is discarded; Pattern roller use cycle is long, so the cost is higher than PVC leather to PU leather. The applicable range of these two kinds of material have some difference. In terms of footwear, multi-purpose in PVC leather material or not to bear the weight of parts, or manufacturing children's shoes; You can apply to the PU leather footwear fabrics or bear the weight of parts. In terms of bags, apply more is PVC leather. This is because the bag bag of items is different from the wear in the feet in the shoes, don't send out the heat; Need not bear weight.

the difference between PU, PVC way easily, look from the edges of PU is much thicker than the PVC backing, aspect also has the difference, feel the soft PU. PVC handle hard; Can also use fire to burn, the smell of PU is light than the flavor of the PVC.

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