The difference between imitation leather sofa and leather sofas

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-04

leather sofa on the market can be divided into two kinds of of leather sofas and imitation leather sofa, leather sofa is more and more popular, but thought leather sofa price is higher, so the market again imitation leather sofa, and how to identify fake leather sofa leather sofa? In fact the difference between the two is clear, as long as we are careful to distinguish when the choose and buy, let's look at the difference between them:

after the first, the dermal sofa products can be touched with the hand, according to identify, dermal sofa with the hand feel is soft to the touch, have warm feeling, hand move on the leather surface there is a certain sense of attachment without hair and smooth. And dermal sofa fabric, fresh texture soft, bright appearance, water resistance, acid and alkali resistant performance.

the second, imitation leather sofa, imitation leather sofa will be sticky fingered hand feeling, and imitation leather feel cool because of the heat transfer faster. Another resolution imitation leather sofa is by hand press, press dermal sofa with the hand, near the surface will have uneven fold, thick fabrics are obvious, while imitation leather sofa can form a circular depressions.

third, gently scraping in the surface of leather sofa, with his nails scratches will disappear very quickly, and gently scrape on the imitation leather sofa, scratch for a long time not going away.

4, dermal sofa should always give a person a kind of very proud very luxurious feeling, and there is no cloth, its grade fully reveal come out.

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