The development trend of special-shaped furniture will be later

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-29

abnormity furniture shape is special, strange furniture, has the sense of individuality and practicality as or higher than the other furniture, like egg chair, swan chair, ghost is alien furniture such as chairs, gannet chair. Abnormity of furniture structure, the senses, the color is the line according to the traits of character, habits of modern design.

a reporter visited several large stores, found that peculiar modelling furniture to sell more fire, like the off-season in furniture, the furniture still can sell out a good result, perhaps this is the development trend of future, now most families to take charge of after 80, and after 80 s consumers are personality, they more choices when buying furniture special-shaped pieces of furniture.

the sales staff said: after 80 consumer is when furniture of choose and buy, more is to focus on product functionality and personalization, and this kind of personalized furniture not only reflected in the peculiar modelling the product itself and the color on the bold, also reflected in the furniture as a fashion product, its function and practicability of personalized, so alien furniture will let more consumer choice. For example, two equally costly chair, one is made of pure real wood chair, manually and the other one is both the chair and play music features personalized leisure chairs, such as: ball chair, the latter tend to be more tempted after 80 consumers.

and the international community in milan, Italy, the future changes in Europe report pointed out that lead the world latest European furniture will have the change of the eight aspects, including the first four items are: one is the emphasis on gender on furniture design, and pay attention to the performance of men and women master different personality, and the second is the furniture can be combined and change will be more popular, three is the avant-garde design, grotesque excitant furniture will be valued, four is to cater to the sixth sense of people of various mentality furniture. These four are alien furniture popular theory according to the design feeling, suitable for personality, avant-garde design, meet the sixth sense.

so later along with the development of special-shaped furniture will become the leader of the furniture market.

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