The development trend of 2020 star hotel furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-15

2020 what is the development trend of the star hotel furniture? Introduce you to the hotel furniture manufacturer.

different star hotel furniture will be different because of different grades and standards, style requirements are different, hotel furniture in general is the guest room furniture, living room furniture, restaurant furniture, decoration furniture and meetings, etc. Five-star hotels in China, according to data, has amounted to 804, a decade of guangdong occupies 115, located in the country first. Compared with a national four-star hotel number is 2405.

usually we're in the five-star hotel will be found in the hotel furniture appear to have had a normal hotel furniture inside are not the same. So why do these five-star hotel furniture, can let a person in the first moment to see obviously don't feel the same? So, we need to know is, what is the characteristic of five-star hotel furniture?

10 years, China's five-star hotel rooms in 1 per year on average. 950000 sets, and four-star hotels rose by an average of 2 rooms. 780000 sets, if the cost of each star hotel furniture to 100000, 4 60000 per set, then the star hotel furniture needs an average of 3. 6 billion a year, this number is also very strong, but with the development of tourism industry, the construction of the five-star hotel will continue to increase, star hotel furniture demand will grow continuously.

of course, the hotel furniture cannot be used, because the quality and style of fashion change and constantly changing. General star hotel furniture replaced every five years, I star hotel furniture GengHuanLv 2013 to 5. 2 billion, then in the 17 years of the next year, is expected to star hotel replacement demand in China for 13 billion. So far, star hotel furniture industry development prospects are enormous.

in the first place, in a five-star hotel furniture design is more unique style, and most of the five-star hotel furniture is custom, not on the street you can see that the public money. Only from this in terms of five-star hotel furniture, so it is much better than common hotel furniture inside.

second, five-star hotel furniture are relatively rich, whether in the design of furniture or furniture material, belongs to high-grade type. So all the furniture we will feel very comfortable when using, also feel very dignified. This is why a lot of people at the time of the five-star hotel will feel the furniture here the sense that gives a person is not the same as the usual ordinary hotel furniture one of the main reasons.

in addition, most of the five-star hotel at the time of custom furniture is according to consumer favorite furniture style, and the hotel's brand image to customize, so in addition to these furniture is every guests would feel comfortable, you will also feel actually cultural infiltration, can feel the brand itself has a strong brand culture. This is also the characteristics of ordinary brands do not have.

so, if a five-star hotel furniture have what kind of characteristics, in fact, no matter from which side, five-star hotel furniture is than the ordinary hotel, even without any comparability. And this is why many people at the time of consumption ability would like to go to a five-star hotel, rather than an ordinary small hotel one of the main reasons.

small make up through the above introduction, believe everybody for hotel furniture already had certain understanding and mastery of the relevant knowledge of the

small make up recommend here in choosing a hotel furniture, choose some big brand hotel furniture brand, because of big brand hotel furniture is more reliable. Hope that through small make up the above introduction, will help people understand that along the development trend of the star hotel furniture in 2020

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