The desk's health can not be ignored

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-02

warm prompt, desk's health can not be ignored. Shanghai nutrition society experts on young white-collar diet survey found that a lot of office workers eating lazy to eat at a restaurant when flat nearby fast-food restaurant takeout, reading the newspaper, while dining in the office, the habit is very bad. Fudan university school of medicine, professor YuQingFu who specially engaged in research on health microbiology tested bacterial contamination situation of desk, office desktop were found to contain the number of bacteria is far more than the kitchen table. more bacteria than dining table dining time many white-collar workers like to enjoy the pleasure of eating take-away leisurely manner in the office. But the expert reminds, desk of pathogenic bacteria is much higher than the average kitchen table, especially the computer keyboard and telephone more dirty than table. Eating in such an environment, will bring their health must have hidden dangers. Shanghai love who also within the many office buildings on air quality and pollution condition been inspected, found that the pollution level in the office is not optimistic. And in bad conditions of the restaurant will do every turn a mesa wipe the table again, it is better than dining environment in the office desk more bacteria than a toilet seat, according to a study at the university of Arizona: desk more bacteria than a toilet seat. And the number of bacteria on women desk to desk 3 - more than men 4 times. Bacteria widely distributed in the desk telephone, computer, keyboard, and the drawer, university of Arizona, Charles? Gill said the professor. Jill, says professor women's desk for a large number of small ornaments, cosmetics and detergents, these are the main route of transmission bacteria. Especially the cosmetics, usually is the natural habitat of bacteria. The food in the drawer is a hotbed of bacteria. Professor Jill, found that 75% of female employees desk has a little snack. Bacteria on the desk is on the toilet seat an average of 400 times.

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