The design of office furniture colour and material properly

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-07
Office furniture color design and material selection of the appropriate adhesive cover material to use inferior glue, the results of the user to buy go home, is equal to bought a small station emissions. According to expert introduction, formaldehyde slow this kind of material is a kind of volatile substances, with the increase of temperature, volatile will be quicker. How to design: there should be a wide range of modern social actual cultural knowledge, artistic accomplishment. Secondly combining architectural, interior and furniture, in the aspect of function and art which is the combination of perfect unity. Finally, using new technology, new materials to meet the needs of the society more and more high. Sales on the market at present the domestic price is much lower than that of the imported oak, general is given priority to with made in yunnan and hainan, and yunnan oak oak is better than that of hainan, yunnan oak ( Timber) The market price in 600 ~ 1000 yuan/cubic meter. Rubber in the market now no European classic white oak, Indonesia oak, oak, Indonesia rain rubber, royal oak, red oak, etc. Rubber wood is domestic and imported two categories. Domestic rubber wood timber price is controlled in 3000 yuan/cubic meter, rubber wood timber imports cost around 6000 yuan/cubic meter. Plate refers to fire prevention board, fireproof board, scientific name for the thermosetting resin impregnated paper high pressure laminated board, abbreviations for HPL { Pecorative高 压力Lcminate} Is surface decorative building materials, refractory has the rich surface color, texture and special logistics performance, widely used in interior decoration, furniture, kitchen cabinets, lab table surface, wall, etc. Dust, avoid to use multi-purpose cleaner, they are not specially designed for high quality furniture surface coating, but on the surface of the more durable, such as plastic and enamel. Use the special cloth to wipe the furniture of new invention is very useful, because they are specially designed for furniture dusting, can collect dust and hair, and not just the dust away from the wood, because they will fall back again soon. Dalian group is so users can only note when buying furniture, irritant smell strongly of furniture must be not to buy it. When buy, can open the drawer, open cupboard door, have experience stimulus too let a person cry, if you feel this way, it shows that the furniture formaldehyde content exceeds bid badly. Bedroom furniture brand, furniture group: WWW. dl - hf. Com related tags: living room furniture
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