The design concept of hotel furniture manufacturer analysis and characteristics

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-08

design concept and features of hotel furniture manufacturer analysis

with the advent of the era of business, from all walks of life are an upsurge in the fashion trend, hotel furniture industry is no exception. In addition to retain some of the traditional furniture design patterns, is a great reform and innovation. New type of modern hotel furniture is one of the breakthrough, seek innovation, change and development, meet the needs of modern people's spiritual and material life.

type or a lot of modern hotel furniture, according to the function of the hotel. The public areas of the furniture is for guests to rest, including sofa, chair and table. Part of dining furniture, including dining table, dining chair, bar, tea table and chair, guest room furniture including beds, bedside table, sofa, tea table, desk, chair and closet for storage.

the hotels, the greater the social function the more kinds of furniture.

practical and comfortable.

in the design of modern hotel furniture, furniture is closely related with the activities of people, everywhere should reflect 'people-oriented' design concept, that is used for people, convenient for people, it is practical. Such as some of the table of the hotel design is very beautiful, also can be a dresser, neither lack of artistic quality, and embodies the versatility. Again, for example, guest room closet can push and pull folded into a small stage.

starting from the design process, also want to show the administrative levels feeling and sense of perspective, make indoor and outdoor environment to a greater degree of intersection, the whole present a harmonious relaxed comfort, not to shy and depressed. Within the limited space, for example, to the rational use of stainless steel grating, stainless steel screen, wall mirror to enhance space.

art and decoration.

furniture is the main part of the indoor atmosphere and artistic effect. Good hotel furniture put, and display layout also can let a person feel comfortable, give a person with aesthetic feeling. The layout of the concise simple diversity, which is simple and beautiful, let a person feel very happy.

most modern hotel furniture from simple design style. Pay attention to color, so the hotel furniture is a relatively new way to decorate. Such as lighting design is one of the important link. Modern hotel lighting is given priority to with downy and sweet. Reasonable lighting layout can render hotel space environment, build sweet.

hotel furniture manufacturer to summarize the above design concept and characteristics of hotel furniture, hope to be of help.

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