The decisive factors influencing the price of furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-29

the furniture on the market price is differ, a far cry from, what are the decisive factors influencing the price of furniture? The kinds of furniture materials has an absolute relationship with the price, even the same label with sofa, leather is often a whole times more expensive than cloth sofa, because the leather production technology and raw materials processing, far more work than cloth sofa, material fee.

natural leather used for a long time will be deeper and more bright color, of course, area is large, the price is more expensive. Come again to see whether the sewing technology, leather sewing method is slightly oblique line method, so as to distinguish the production of professional degrees. Is the woodiness furniture, solid wood, of course, is far more expensive than compressed wood board, look at the corner of furniture can tell, if connected is solid wood texture, however, this is the price level, based on the consideration of environmental protection, solid wood or not depends on the individual values. As for the current popular design feeling strong plastic composite furniture, there is a decrease in the price of space, it is suitable for modern stylish home decorations. In general, the decisive factors influencing the price of furniture or materials.

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