The custom of sitting room sofa size in modern home decoration

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

the rapid social development, leading many industry constantly update, also let people have a higher request to the quality of life, furniture industry is facing the consumer the most direct and most industry, so the demand for home decoration also the most important part of consumers, the traditional furniture is not able to meet demand, custom furniture also become consumers of choice, just below the sitting room sofa, customized size for simple combing.

a, corner cloth art sofa

there are many kinds of sofa, first of all, we first introduce utility ratio of the largest sitting room sofa, is the sitting room corner cloth art sofa, the sofa of this type is very practical, become the first choice for most families. When choosing custom sofa's size is more popular, generally used with medium or above medium sitting room, general such sofa custom size: 754 mm * 532 mm * 1754 mm * 865 mm *, of course, this size is not fixed, it will be because of the size of the customer a little changed.

2, leather and wood combination sofa

this type of sofa, the sofa in the sitting room in the custom of the most common, it is composed of double and single person sofa sofa, the solid wood, software and the cortex is made and be become, suitable for postmodern household style or Chinese style household style. Custom size for this sofa * 875 * 1620 * 543 mm, of course this also is to be adjusted according to the size of the sitting room of individual.


, contemporary and contracted sofa for young people, even more like the sofa of contemporary and contracted class, it is simple, fashionable, rich individual character, and this kind of sofa need not carry heart customized size problem, only need to choose good colour collocation can achieve the result that is beautiful, but also when the choice according to the designer's reference.

this is simple, of the sitting room sofa custom size, of course, this is not the only size requirements, in the custom furniture and this many external factors, such as: the size of the household space, personal preferences, etc. , since this is custom furniture, there is no standard answer, their own suitable is the best, after all.

are important in ensuring luxury classic sofa, and the machine is utilised by everyone from classic dining room furniture to luxury classic sofa.
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