The current situation of the development of hotel furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-06

since the 21st century, great changes have taken place in China hotel furniture industry. Finished hotel furniture gradually cannot meet the needs of the consumer individuation and diversification, and custom hotel furniture with its tailored, cost-effective, short production cycle, high space utilization, etc have sprung up rapid development, has occupied half of the entire household industry, and has gradually expand the trend. The specific development manifests itself as follows.

( 1) Brand is numerous, present state of schools of thought contend, product quality good and bad are intermingled

custom hotel furniture although started late in China, but there is huge market attracts many forward-looking vision of the entrepreneurs in, industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Companies in the domestic first to eat crab, such as Sofia, Hollywood guest, eve shangpin, opie, Noah and now has become a brand occupies an important share in the market. At the same time, in addition to these well-known large companies, there are many small micro enterprises on the market, the production scale of less than one hundred people. Although these small micro enterprise is very flexible, can satisfy the diversification of consumer demand, to provide more services, but it is hard to guarantee product quality, the custom product market is good and bad are intermingled. Although some custom hotel furniture enterprises, for example, with 'professional custom' slogan, but the company's strength and the ability of designers generally can not meet the level of propaganda, design copy now as serious, consumers do not get real design; Some enterprise credibility is poorer, the actual use of material do not tally with the agreement when the selected materials, shoddy, finally lead to customize hotel furniture product material, the color is not unified, the overall quality, and the poor or to lead to customer complaints; In addition, some manufacturers in product manufacturing details attention is not enough, the product size deviation; Some small and medium-sized enterprise to use qualitative poor plate and guide rail, hinge, such as hardware, custom furniture formaldehyde, mechanical performance is not standard, short service life, etc.

( 2) Production pattern is more advanced, more scientific management

at present, some good custom hotel furniture enterprises to mass customization, fine production, agile manufacturing to meet and understand concepts such as there is enough, the basic use of advanced processing equipment and management software, the modern network information technology and enterprise convergence effectively and integration, the production process more fluent, production efficiency is improved greatly. Although each enterprise at the executive level each are not identical, but the basic realized the integration of information management system, the management system of set design, production, marketing, logistics and customers, suppliers, custom make hotel furniture design, production, marketing really connect a line. Now large custom design and manufacture is controlled by a computer system, this design order, there can begin demolition of single production, greatly improve production efficiency, basic can realize full automation production. Produced products are modules or components one by one, and then transported to the customer home, installed by professional workers, high production efficiency greatly, shorten the delivery cycle.

( 3) Enhanced safety awareness, coverage and new materials become bad consensus

custom hotel furniture raw materials including base material, sealing side and hardware accessories. Among them, the commonly used base material with particle board, medium density fiberboard, joinery board, wood, etc. ; Facing way melamine-impregnated paper veneer, paint coating, PVC veneer. Now the industry the most use of base material is particle board. Compared with other board, particle board price is highest, accepted by most people. It is all plank formaldehyde contained in the lowest base material, is often used in the old man and the child room. At the same time, the sweet, green wood has also been more popular over the last two years. In addition to the material, the concept of environmental protection has been extended to the machining process. In order to meet international environmental standards, many companies have invested heavily to introduce advanced equipment from abroad. In order to reduce the waste of production process and avoid pollution of the environment.

( 4) Take the customer as the center of the consciousness enhancement, more emphasis on the design research and development

compared with the traditional hotel furniture, custom hotel furniture enterprises know more take the customer as the center, pay more attention to shape consumer personality and value, by the exquisite technology, good performance, the design concept of tide bring consumers smooth and comfortable living environment, so as to meet the consumers of different grade, and the pursuit of life.

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