The concept of green environmental protection furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-11

green environmental protection furniture is: based on the ecological industry, on the basis of reasonable development and utilization of natural material produced can satisfy the users' specific needs, beneficial to health, the user is not in danger of poisoning and harm to people, in the production process and recycling, accord with environmental protection requirement, and has a very high content of culture and science and technology known as the green environmental protection furniture furniture.

with the characteristics of green environmental protection furniture is:

1, the tendency of material is natural and does not contain harmful substances, not cast the harmful gas, even if no longer use, also easy to recycle and reuse, the auxiliary materials of green environmental protection furniture also should be to save energy.

2 is green products, green environmental protection furniture according to the human body engineering design, with the person this, not only attaches great importance to the people under the condition of static physiology and human physiology under dynamic condition, under normal use and occasionally use does not adversely affect and harm to human body.

3, product design accord with human body engineering principle, reduce redundant functions, in the normal and abnormal use case, will not adversely affect and harm to human body, the design of high grade products, should have cultural background and content of science and technology.

4, green environmental protection furniture design, production process, extend the product life cycle, as far as possible let furniture is more durable, and reduce energy consumption in the process of again.

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