The colour collocation of the modern decoration

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-24
Colour is constitute one of the important elements of modern decoration, along with society's progress and the changes of The Times, the colour collocation of the modern decoration also has a huge change, the colour of the colors of contemporary adornment and the traditional decoration use showed obvious difference, we see most and the most beautiful modern decoration will generally use black and white ash three color collocation, that besides modern decoration there are no other colors? Of course, the answer is yes. One: the young girl is a kind of pink adornment, also is the main color is pink, sofa, lighting with soft light, floor light tawny, wall with milk white, local ornament light blue room, with a few cartoon pillow, with adding the modern decoration girl feelings. 2: warm color department yellow decorated, mass-tone attune to: yellow, orange. Sofa, ceiling with grey and black, in some green plants for foil collocation, make the bedroom is full of pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Three: cool silver, color is given priority to with metallic simple sense, give priority to with wood floor, light using fishing light with metal lamp is given priority to, such as the modern high cold is the color of decoration.
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